Wednesday, May 23, 2012


i cant believe its been 2 months since i have posted.  i have been busy, but not with anything fun or exciting.  i have had a few ideas for posts that i thought would be interesting, but when it came down to actually logging in and posting, i lost all interest.  blogging used to be one of my favorite things; i hope that feeling comes back.

general update:
mr nice guy admitted that he was still in love with me and i, in no uncertain terms, told him that friendship was the only thing we could ever have in the future.  he seemed to respect that, but the next time we talked he tried to feed me a load of bs that i just did not have the stomach for. so i blocked him. i didnt have a big conversation with him to explain why and hope to soften the blow, i just blocked him on email, facebook, and cell phone.  if he tries to contact me, he will be unable to.  no explanation.  that is unprecedented for me. i like closure. i like explanations and understanding. i just dont care any more.
while i was at it, i blocked mr ex man.  i havent heard from him in several months(random text that i ignored), but i just decided to do it.
i did the right thing-i have no doubt.
still hoping and praying for Dick(yes, blain, i capitalized it for you)to come back.
i canned a bunch of apricot preserves. first time making preserves and my first time canning.
i guess that is it in a nutshell.