Monday, December 28, 2009

ho ho horny

“What makes the engine go? Desire, desire, desire.”
— Stanley Kunitz

maybe not the cheeriest of topics. well, maybe if you are actually sexually active(all righteous and legal of course)
msof and i would always come home after spending Christmas morning with our families and hit the sheets. usually a few times throughout the day. holiday sex is kind of up there with birthday and anniversary sex. the details make it sexier. more fun. more than likely you have had the day off and you are happy from all the delicious food and the gifts you received.
i have always maintained that celibacy is not only feasible, but easier than most of the whiny cry baby(mostly men)people out there claim it to be. i am the whiny cry baby. i want my holiday nookie!(imagine me stomping my foot, crossing my arms, and pouting).
i slacked off on my airborne for a few days and now i am sick. nothing major. cold and flu symptoms. low grade misery. add that to the general malady of Christmas as a single person and being alone in the house sick(i tend to get emotional when physically weak),
i would be happy with a ncmo, but the only guy i have on deck(damn dating hiatus)wants sex. yes, i am talking about mr jack mormon. he wants the whole thing. making out is not enough. not very condusive to the spirit of giving. while i get what i would consider a satisfying connection, he would walk away, shall we say, uncomfortable. sigh. happy freaking holidays.
its the cold talking. i swear. i will probably delete this tomorrow from the shame.


  1. I understand you there, but of course, statistically speaking, the obedient of each gender is out numbered by the unprincipled.

    I came to the conclusion a while ago, that if I was not enjoying where I was in life, I was not living the law of chastity the way I ought to. That does not really fix the loneliness part, but it can be made bearable. Still, in my worst moments, Isa. 1:29 puts me on edge. Not that I am accusing you of anything base - just saying.

  2. it was pretty base. exacerbated by the dang flu. i get all silly and emotional when i am sick. i struggle quite a bit whether or not to post about the "natural man" side of things. finding the balance between "good girl" and a woman who really wants to be married and enjoy righteous marital(and hot)intimacy. i have found several men very suspicious of my celibacy. thinking i might be broken "that way".
    whats your interpretation of isa. 1:29? i wasnt familiar, so i looked it up. i sensed some loc undertones, referring to our choices and being ashamed of them, but the one footnote talks about idol worship. i am no scriptorian, but i think the nyquil is compromising me even further.
    thanks for your comment. i think you make a good point about not seeing following the loc as a burden. i generally dont, but once again....

  3. Ok, I was concerned I would need to explain it a bit - just tell me if I an not clear enough. In ancient times in Israel, a corrupted form of worship was the deity Asherah, consort of El, Heavenly Father. That made her something like Heavenly Mother. Worship involved a lot of sex and was typically done near a asherah pole (translated as 'oak'), or at least somewhere fertile and green (translated as 'garden'). Of course, for these people, all of life was worship, so don't get hung up on the 'idol' part of it. That was just their way of messing around "behind the bushes".

    In short, Isaiah declared that they would be ashamed of their desires for sin.

  4. thanks :) i am somewhat familiar with the idol worship and some of the sexual undertones, but definitely not the detail you have explained. i read a fascinating book called "The Red Tent", it really goes into the idol worship, particularly from women during the Old Testament times. i guess the issue of virtue has been a long standing one, you would think we would have it more under control.

  5. I know I'm not speaking for everyone on this topic, but I'm pretty sure my wife and I have never had sex during the holidays, at least since the kids have come along. Christmas is a lot of work, both setting everything up and cleaning up afterwards, and we've never had the energy to do anything else.