Thursday, December 31, 2009

no one wants to play?

i love name that tune. probably because i am GOOD at it. :) anyway, out driving to meet some friends today and this song came on.

it was the first record(thats right, i said RECORD. a 45 that i played on my barbie record player)i ever owned. my dad bought it for me at kmart. the b side was "love is thicker than water". odd,random memory brought on by hearing the above song on the radio today.
the video totally cracks me up. andy gibb was considered to be a real FOX(70's speak for hot)back then. pretty hilarious.

posted earlier:
Guess the title & artist of this song:

'open up the heaven in your arms and let me see the things you are to me & not some puppet on a string'


  1. You do know that the artist and title appear at the start of the video, right?

    However, based on the line of lyric, I did have the correct answer.

  2. i did know. lazy blogging on my part. much earlier in the day i had texted the portion of the lyrics that now appear at the end of the post. once i got home and saw that no one was playing name that tune with me i decided to add the video to the post and not edit out the original. sooooooooo glad someone, besides myself, knows that song! sang along at the top of my lungs while driving to meet my friends.

  3. I really liked the song at the time. It was sad to see Andy flame out so tragically.