Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dangit pioneer woman

i just read high heels to tractor wheels by ree drummond aka the pioneer woman. its the story of how she met her husband and their whirlwind romance. its a good story, but in the headspace i am in, it just pissed me off. i love her blog and most of the time it doesnt even annoy me how she goes on about his forearms and wranglers, but a whole book of it when i am sans romance? it was too much. i dont think i used the best judgment reading it.
she had posted the majority of the story on her blog last year, was offered a book deal, and wrapped it up with her honeymoon(where she got pregnant)and her first year of marriage.
their courtship was almost perfect-just some silly embarrassing stuff about how she tripped in high heel boots on their first date(the forearms saved her)and how she sweats too much when she gets nervous and had to go into a bathroom at a wedding, completely undress in order to cool off enough to go back to the wedding.
their honeymoon was kind of horrible and the first year was kind of crazy with the pregnancy and some problems on the ranch.
15 years later they are still in love, on the ranch and apparently loving life. she has the best of both the city(her book tours)and the ranch(hot guy in wranglers hanging around all the time).
she is a mess, tells you all about it, and the hot guy loves her.
i like her. i just wish some of the pictures of her silver fox husband with his goatee didnt remind me of dick so much.
bitter, party of one.

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