Saturday, August 27, 2011

turn off?

are funny, smart ass girls a turn off? are men intimated by girls that can make them laugh because they like to be the comedians?
i love funny men. making me laugh is a big deal(to me, anyway), but i am wondering if seeking out the comedian is not a good idea.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


i am so bored being single. bored with my long dating hiatuses. i am just bored. maybe its an end of summer thing? i just dont know and i am too bored with it to try and figure it out.
apathetic. ambivalent. annoyed.
like the alliteration? ;-)
anyway, thats 3 a words that describe me at this point.
i once heard only boring people get bored. do you think thats true?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

blind date

can i see a show of hands those of you that have been set up by a friend or family member? i never have. there was one guy that might sister thought i might be interested in, but one of my brothers shot her down because he knew the guy to be a little wacko.
one friend said she knew someone in her moms ward that would be just my type, but then they found out some crazy stuff about him.
in both of these cases, i am sure i dodged a bullet, but i have been wondering lately why people dont try and set me up?
maybe they know that the old smc would never go for it, but i am here to tell you that i would go for it now. i am now in a phase where i figure everything i do doesnt work, so why not try something new?


i cant remember the last time i have gone this long without posting. i wish i could tell you its because i met THE ONE and i am all in love and just dont have time to write because i am too busy making out and trying not to break the law of chastity because THE ONE is so absolutely divine and we cannot keep our hands off each other. nope. that aint it and if i said it was, i would be LYING.
i have been busy with tedious life stuff with a few fun things thrown in with friends and family. the summer has been long and pretty much uneventful, but i have enjoyed a few road trips to the lake and enjoyed my time with good, life long friends.
mr nice guy is being a good friend and respecting boundaries. mr ex man is not. he admitted the other day that he still wanted to be with me, but couldnt see past the distance and how to fix it. whatever. i am currently avoiding his calls and texts without telling him i am doing it. its working so far.
mr new guy? fuggitabutit. i really dont know what to say about him beyond my speculation that the attraction was based on the fact that he reminded me of mr ex man. i am in the process of making a variety of mental health appointments to address this issue.
if someone runs into my dream man, could you please send him my way?

Monday, August 8, 2011

the friend gateway

it is all new to me, but the friend experiment with mr ex man in proving to be quite a freeing experience. i dont feel the need to make my point or prove him wrong(which he is, but i dont care to point it out)or prove myself right.
he gets on my nerves with all his ex-mormon crap, but because we are "friends" and not potential eternal companions-i can just let it all go.
that is what i am saying now, but it could change at any minute because of the volatile nature of his mood swings.
thats another thing-because i am no longer invested in a romantic relationship with him, i no longer have to engage in those "important" conversations that take forever because we are trying to work on our relationship.
he called me over the weekend and we spoke for about 5 minutes before i wrapped it up and told him it was late and i was already falling asleep. i know he wasnt happy with it, but he had asked to be friends before and i always refused. now he got what he wanted and he can hardly complain when i treat him like a friend.
a friend understands when you are tired and cant talk, right?
any good stories out there about the friend transition? good or bad. lets hear it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

friend update

mr nice guy is an excellent friend. the friend experiment has worked out just wonderful with him, but mr ex man is a whole other story. i am starting to think he is bi-polar or something. his mood swings are just so random and extreme.
mr new guy is pissing me off. i am about ready to bench myself again-dating is dismal and i am starting to feel a little hopeless about it all. not a good place to be, for sure, but i have been there before and you have been there with me, havent you? :)