Saturday, August 27, 2011

turn off?

are funny, smart ass girls a turn off? are men intimated by girls that can make them laugh because they like to be the comedians?
i love funny men. making me laugh is a big deal(to me, anyway), but i am wondering if seeking out the comedian is not a good idea.


  1. I'm not men, so I'm not sure how useful my answer will be. I can definitely think of very funny women I'm very attracted to, but I tend to find "very attractive" to be intimidating, particularly when it comes to inquiring about romantic potentials. Not at all sure how I'll do that when the time comes in the future.

    But that's beside your question, for certain.

    I think there's a level of humor that's necessary and important, but then there's the point where someone is a clown, and uses their humor because they need lots of attention. That can be a problem, as can using "humor" as a cover for being mean to people.

  2. i dont mean clown-ish behavior. i mean someone who is truly funny and other people laugh at their jokes.
    humor to cover being mean is just immature and i agree that it would not be attractive.
    why is "very attractive" intimidating?

  3. I'm not sure. People do tend to appreciate my humor when they get it, but I also tend to intimidate people (I think it's a mixture of the tall and the weird more than the humor, though).

    Very attractive is intimidating, because that means somebody I particularly am drawn to, but so is pretty much everybody else, and, historically, they prefer somebody from the "everybody else" group over the me. And then there's the stupid-pretty effect (when someone is pretty enough that it makes you stupid). I've gotten better, over the years, at keeping my focus in the face of stupid-pretty, but it's a challenge.

  4. sigh. its all so complicated and difficult.
    trying to remember if anyone has been affected by the stupid-pretty effect w/me? lol

  5. I find the funny, smart-ass girls attractive, personally. To me, it [can] show that she is confident and self-assured. I have a good sense of humor too - but I don't mind not being the center of attention.

  6. :) glad to hear it, since i am a smart ass girl. most think i am funny, but not all the time.