Monday, August 8, 2011

the friend gateway

it is all new to me, but the friend experiment with mr ex man in proving to be quite a freeing experience. i dont feel the need to make my point or prove him wrong(which he is, but i dont care to point it out)or prove myself right.
he gets on my nerves with all his ex-mormon crap, but because we are "friends" and not potential eternal companions-i can just let it all go.
that is what i am saying now, but it could change at any minute because of the volatile nature of his mood swings.
thats another thing-because i am no longer invested in a romantic relationship with him, i no longer have to engage in those "important" conversations that take forever because we are trying to work on our relationship.
he called me over the weekend and we spoke for about 5 minutes before i wrapped it up and told him it was late and i was already falling asleep. i know he wasnt happy with it, but he had asked to be friends before and i always refused. now he got what he wanted and he can hardly complain when i treat him like a friend.
a friend understands when you are tired and cant talk, right?
any good stories out there about the friend transition? good or bad. lets hear it.

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