Sunday, August 21, 2011


i cant remember the last time i have gone this long without posting. i wish i could tell you its because i met THE ONE and i am all in love and just dont have time to write because i am too busy making out and trying not to break the law of chastity because THE ONE is so absolutely divine and we cannot keep our hands off each other. nope. that aint it and if i said it was, i would be LYING.
i have been busy with tedious life stuff with a few fun things thrown in with friends and family. the summer has been long and pretty much uneventful, but i have enjoyed a few road trips to the lake and enjoyed my time with good, life long friends.
mr nice guy is being a good friend and respecting boundaries. mr ex man is not. he admitted the other day that he still wanted to be with me, but couldnt see past the distance and how to fix it. whatever. i am currently avoiding his calls and texts without telling him i am doing it. its working so far.
mr new guy? fuggitabutit. i really dont know what to say about him beyond my speculation that the attraction was based on the fact that he reminded me of mr ex man. i am in the process of making a variety of mental health appointments to address this issue.
if someone runs into my dream man, could you please send him my way?


  1. "if someone runs into my dream man, could you please send him my way?"

    Will do. Was just thinking about you today and wondering what you've been up to.

  2. thats nice to hear. i read your post today too and was trying to write something witty and insightful, but since i didnt have my sunday nap-it was no good.
    maybe tomorrow. just know: I AM ON YOUR SIDE! :)