Sunday, February 14, 2010

housework and high heels

walking in high heels is a skill. a skill that i developed fairly early in life. despite being almost six feet tall, i didnt mind putting on 3 inch heels,even as i grew up and worked a job that kept me on my feet for 8 hours a day.

msof was my height, but thought it was sexy for me to wear the heels, even if it mean i towered over him. getting married, not going to church, and living in a small rural town got me out of the habit of wearing high heels. i lost the skill.

lately i have been breaking out the strappy sandals and sexy pumps. 5'11" is not that unusual in a woman anymore, but adding 3 inches makes me taller than all the women and many of the men in my ward. i am used to it, but i always get a few comments like "wow! you are TALL." the observational skills can be amazing.

i can be kind of a klutz, so getting back into the heels makes me a little nervous. i have never actually fallen or had anything else embarrassing happen, but what once came as natural as walking barefoot, takes a little more concentration now. if i am teaching or giving a talk, i always wear flats. i do not want to be teetering over the pulpit-i also dont like standing there while they push the button to raise the pulpit so i dont have to bend over to the microphone.

i got caught off guard a few months ago when i was asked to give the opening prayer in sacrament meeting. heck! if they would have called me the night before i would have been prepared with flats! walking the length of the chapel, up the couple of steps to the pulpit made me a little nervous-i kind of had visions of sandra bullock in miss congeniality tripping on the cat walk. of course i made it just fine. like i said, i havent ever actually fallen in high heels, but there is always a first time.

if you made it this far you might be asking why in the h-e-double hockey sticks am i rambling on about wearing high heels. i am kind of asking myself how i got off on this tangent,but i know what started it.

my new place is smaller and storage is at a premium, so i have been stashing my "church shoes" under my bed. some are in their original boxes and others are just sitting under there in pairs. i was doing some cleaning and i noticed the toe of one of my black strappy, 3 inch heels sticking out from under my bed. i decided to pull them out and put them on. no matter that i was doing chores in the t-shirt i wore to bed the night before.

is it silly to be prancing around the house in high heels and a t-shirt? yes. yes it is, but girls do goofy things sometimes when no one is around. i didnt really even consider the goofiness until i was kneeling on one leg on my bed to pull the sheet over to the last corner against the wall. it struck me that this would be one of those bizarre moments that my husband(if i had one. msof would have LOVED IT)would have found very sexy. it could have been in the genre of meeting your husband at the door on valentines day in nothing but a trench coat or a french maids uniform. men are so silly. i got up off the bed and took the strappy high heels off. i finished my housework in bare feet.


  1. I say wear what makes you feel good. I am only 5 ft 4 inches. The microphone always comes down for me.

  2. i like high heels sometimes. they sure can make your legs look good, but man! my feet are not up for extended wear. i am lucky to make it through church, and most of that is sitting down!