Monday, February 8, 2010

no, i dont smell like a pickle

and its not the real reason for my dating hiatus. i have been thinking a lot about the fact that i started this blog to chronicle the embarrassing and hilarious stories of a 40 something, "good", mormon girl dating and trying to find her eternal companion, but i havent delivered too much in that area lately. i am working on a few posts and i am even considering getting back "out there", but for now...

GET THIS! i use apple cider vinegar instead of traditional conditioner and its AMAZING. amazing because it works and because its super cheap and gives me more shine and volume than just about any conditioner i have paid twenty bucks or more for at the salon.
both the pioneer woman and the girls at little house in the suburbs
talk about it on their blogs. i was wary, but my long, super fine, no volume hair was in desperate need of help. i was getting ready to pull a britney spears and just shave it off. i was that frustrated. i grabbed the vinegar and headed for the shower.
i used my normal shampoo like the pioneer woman does. little house in the suburbs recommends that you wash your hair with ivory soap, but i am not ready to go that granola yet. after i washed and rinsed my hair, i poured a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar over my head, taking care not to get it in my eyes or mouth. vinegar is a really strong smell and i was freaking out a little thinking i would be smelling like a pickle, but i soldiered on, gave my hair a final rinse of warm water, and got out of the shower.
i used my normal styling products and blew my hair dry and i was a little surprised, but thrilled with the results. the first thing was that i DIDNT smell like vinegar at all, not even the faintest of residual scents. next, my hair styled so easy, was shiny, and had more volume than i have seen in a long time.
i still have some conditioner to use up, so i do the vinegar rinse about every third wash or so and the benefits have not diminished at all.
i read a few comments from the other blogs and some women said that it helped with their thick, coarse hair, so you dont have to have baby fine hair like mine to benefit. try it and let me know how it worked for you.


  1. Huh, I would give this a shot. I always run out of conditioner way before I need ot buy more shampoo too cause my hair is so long.

  2. my hair is really long, but super fine. i always run out of shampoo before conditioner. i use just a tiny bit, but it still gunks up my hair after a bit and the vinegar solves that problem too. i love when i find something cheap, easy, and actually works.

  3. When I run out of conditioner I'm buying the apple cider vinegar to try it... why not?
    It works as a cleaning solution, too! Oh, and I've also heard of an apple cider vinegar diet where you drink it everyday. eww.

  4. Apple vinegar is is also good for heartburn, just take 1 tsp. and it goes away, probably doesn't taste good but hey if it works it's better then the heartburn. It is also good if yuo are getting sick, put 1 or 2 cups in your bathtub and soak in it, it somehow pulls the toxins from your body and you don't smell like vinegar afterwards either.

  5. i am for sure going to try the bath tip the next time i start feeling icky. thanks for passing it on.
    i have used regular vinegar as a cleaning solution and love it! chemicals just freak me out and i have been trying to avoid them as much as possible. i figure if i got a headache every time i cleaned the bathroom, something had to be wrong.