Sunday, February 28, 2010

to all the boys

loralee over at loralees loony tunes wrote a post a while ago that got me thinking about all the guys who thought i was pretty, beautiful, or just plain gorgeous.
i have talked about this before-claiming physical beauty is a tricky thing.
i have always been told i am pretty, but when i look in the mirror, i generally dont get it. i am not talking about low self esteem or a skewed view of myself. i just wonder what they see that i dont.
dont get me wrong. hearing that you are pretty is a good thing, but...but...BUT. what good has it done me?
pretty didnt save my marriage. pretty hasnt gotten me a 2nd husband. lots of dates, a few boyfriends, but no 2nd husband.
all the beauty the professed to see in me dissipated quite quickly when i didnt give them the attention they required or go their way on life changing decisions.
i guess its better than having a huge goiter hanging from my neck.

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