Friday, February 12, 2010

bob costas is my valentine

i am sure his wife wont mind.
why bob costas? i am not sure. he is really not my type with his brooks brothers blazers and the super conservative side parted hair. also, i hate sports, but i could listen to him talk sports all night long. i would not kick him out of bed for quoting stats(thats a sports word, right?)or commenting on an instant replay. another weird thing is i think he is really short and i just dont care. i love him. he is so smart and what kind of magic must he have to make me want to watch sports just to hear him speak? serious magic.


  1. It was as if Bob Costas recycled the same remarks from the 2006 Winter Olympics. Once again Bob Costas was not respectful to the Olympic spirit of sportsmanship and endless possible dreams for all the athletes who entered the stadium during the roll call of nations. Almost from the beginning Costas mentioned that some countries had no chance of winning a medal. In the case of Jamaica, Costas remarked they “will not be much of a factor.’ Those comments are just demeaning to smaller nations with the same Olympic dreams as the larger ones.

    In other words Bob Costas was saying ‘thanks for showing up.’ That the other athletes from nations with less national resources, or corporate sponsorship might not somehow show the world a medal winning performance is not just shoddy sports journalism, it also reeks of an ethnocentric mindset that Costas has shown before. That it is wrong to make such statements is obvious. The Olympic ideal trumps nationalism and world politics. It is supposed to be the place where the human spirit is on display, and the individual abilities are tested. To count athletes out before the games started is a shallow way to broadcast an event. It is also a misguided way of looking at the world.

  2. I like me some Matt Lauer myself.

  3. dekerivers-wow. i really dont know how to respond. your comments(i went to your blog to read the rest)are obviously well informed ones and its apparent you have a lot of knowledge of sports and the olympics(i have neither). my first emotional reaction was "not MY bob costas!" i asked a few people who had watched the opening ceremonies and they all seemed quite clueless to bob's improprieties. i say all of that to tell you- i got nuttin. i would love to engage in an intellectual debate to defend my weird crush, but i just dont have the ammunition. you would be a formidable foe in verbal combat, i am sure. i will continue to find out what i can. if i find that your assessment is one that i agree with, maybe i can wash my hands of this whole silly crush. thanks for the comment-i love hearing it all, even if its knocking bob costas off his pedestal.
    kelly-i always liked matt too, but he is classically handsome. not odd to find him attractive. he is funny and down to earth. not that bob is a troll with a superiority complex, but....

  4. Hi there Noyb,
    Email me at and I will forward my love story with T to you (Matt and I have no story).