Thursday, February 25, 2010

big ole surpise

earlier today i heard the old familiar "ping" of my yahoo messenger. i cant even remember the last time this has happened. all my friends and family text me and i systematically eliminated or blocked everyone else. ie: the men. except one. mr great white north. why did i exclude him from the cut? i am not really sure. probably because i see him as harmless. i met him just a few months before mr ex man on one of the lds dating sites. i had a blast im'ing and speaking with him on the phone, but after i met mr ex man and things were progressing so well, i let mr great white north what was going on. i could tell he was disappointed, but respected the fact i was telling him in an upfront way. well, that was a few years ago and he has popped up here and there. it was like he had some sort of radar letting him know exactly when mr ex man and i broke up. he frequently travels my way for business and about 6 months ago he asked me if we could make plans for him to come visit. where i was hesitant in the past, i was completely open to it at the time. he is fun. he is sweet. the fact that he is 10 years older and still has a little of that old fashioned gentleman in him is a big plus for me, but the fun, sweet gentleman disappeared. simply dropped off the face of the earth. one day he was there the next he was gone. i missed talking to him, but kind of like mr jack mormon, i wasnt in love with him. my heart wasnt broken, but i was irritated he did not give me the same courtesy i gave him. today was the first time i had heard from him. same ole mr great white north. said he missed me and that he was sorry he dropped out, etc. his life is a mess(his words, not mine)and i would never get seriously involved with him, but he his fun to talk to. i like how it sounds when he calls me "baby" or "doll" with his canadian accent. will have to see how it works out. heck, for all i know, he will disappear again.


  1. there is nothing like a confusing man!
    You're smart to guard your heart esp with someone you already know can disappear.

    Maybe he is like filler for you? holding a place and distracting you until someone better (and reliable) comes along... I say enjoy and keep chatting!

  2. great minds think alike! i have no illusions that mr great white north is "the one" and there is no harm in a little fun distraction. i am mildly concerned about being distracted away from something i should be paying attention to-but if i am aware....well you know. i think "filler" is a good term. i think i am that for him too, but he made a big point of saying he hasnt been seeing anyone and thats not why he dropped out. i hate when guys assume that you are being territorial or jealous. neither is the case here and i think he gets it now. sigh.