Sunday, February 7, 2010

its going around

and i think i am coming down with it. i do not want to get sick!! i am all tired and achy. nothing tastes good and i cant write. i have about 6 partial posts just waiting to be finished, but no matter which direction i take them, they just suck.
everyone is over for the super bowl. i hate football, but i love a good super bowl party. not even enjoying this one. wahhhhhhhhhh. being a big ole cry baby. sorry.
the silver lining: the buffalo chicken dip i made was a big hit.


  1. Sorry your not feeling well. I know when I'm sick I get moody and depressed. Feel better!

  2. Now it's my turn to tell you: Lots of fluids and rest rest rest! You know the drill right : )

    Take care,

  3. how come it sounds so much better(and easier) coming from ME? :D