Monday, February 22, 2010

good advice?

in anticipation of possibly breaking the dating hiatus, i am reading "how to marry the man of your choice" by margaret kent. i havent gotten very far. some of the advice seemed really old school like the chapter titled "interviewing him for the job of husband." i went to the front of the book and discovered that is was written in 1984 and revised and updated in 2005. mrs kent claims she used all the ideas in her book to get her husband. i am a little wary and doubtful.


  1. I can just see you on your first date with your list of questions. "Where do you see yourself in 5 years...."

    Go with your good instincts! And good luck!

  2. and "what are your strengths? your weaknesses?"
    or i could pull a barbara walters and ask "if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?"

  3. I read Mars and Venus on a Date and LOVED it.

  4. I too hope that Calving and Jake come and kick my ass!

    HI! I'm JTM, aka "The Supermodel". Ironically, those are words I have never called myself until now... because guess what, I'm not a model. Really, I'm not.

    Any way. I'm writing to apologize to you. As I promised I would. I want to say I'm sorry that you had to see me get as bent out of shape about the situation as I did. I'm not really a fighter actually.

    But you see, several months ago, they actually attacked, harassed, and defamed a friend of mine. That, I cannot stand for. So when they came after me, for something I did do on twitter (the other stuff I actually didn't), I was on edge. Would you not throw down for a friend hurt deeply too?

    I'm also sorry that you found humor in me being attacked. I don't like it much either, but unfortunately, the MBP have become some sort of heroes.

    Sadly, I do not agree with that perception. For that I apologize. I apologize to you for having my name associated with the MBP. For they not only shame me, but they shame women, and they ultimately shame the Lord's church.

    So again, I apologize for the pleasure you were able to take from me making an ass of myself. But I apologize for making an ass of myself in association with the Church.

    I am single because it is better to be single and not married to the wrong person, then to be married and in misery.

  5. I'm sorry to be commenting on this blog, I have to admit I don't actually read it. I came across MBP from my cousin's blog in Utah- I don't really know the guys or their blog but I have been totally torn apart with how bad I feel at how these guys are treating Johnny. Again- so sorry for taking this onto your blog- but I really wanted to find a place (somewhere seemingly safer than the frightening MBP comment section) to let Johnny know I totally, totally feel for him in this situation. The comments left on the blog have been totally slanderous and awful. So, not that anyone needs to know, but I feel for Johnny here. So sorry this is happening and especially sorry it is coming from members of what is supposed to be a loving and supportive church.

    And, singlemormon chick, best of luck as you come out of your dating hiatus. I'm in NY and recently some single folks out here have started a really cool online-blind-dating site. It has been a really fun way to meet up with new LDS singles and go out on some stress free dates. You guys might want to give that a try, or feel free to come to NY and join up for a weekend or two.

  6. sorry- i found his blog so no need to publish my comments- again so sorry I just felt totally bad for this guy!

    But still- good luck with breaking back into dating and the blind date online set up thing has been a lot of fun in new york, singles of all ages totally participate and its a great way to meet new people.

  7. sara-do you know johnny? i dont. just from the stuff on mbp. seems like everyone is split down the middle. some saying he is an amazing person and wonderful friend. on the other side "douche bag" was used quite a lot. just wondering if you had further insight.
    it has gotten to the point were i think we have all gotten caught in the middle of a frat boy type pissing contest.