Saturday, February 27, 2010

stupid, dumb, and ugly

thats what a good friend of mine calls "boys". including her husband. who she truly loves, but like we all do, gets mad(occasionally)at the man she loves.
mr great white north is being sweet and charming and i have having fun flirting with him, but i am not letting him get away with the disappearing act. his explanation is not complete, but sufficient to satisfy me. for now.
i told him that he owes me nothing, but courtesy. i am not trying to imply a relationship that doesnt exist or force something that needs to occur in a more natural way, but dropping off the face of the earth while making plans that he initiated is not cool.
what is wrong with people?


  1. Guys are douchebags.... that is all....

  2. its such a bait and switch. i hate it.