Thursday, February 11, 2010

pepsi throwback

i love that i have a little pepsi ad on my blog. i hardly ever drink pop anymore because i am a hater of high fructose corn syrup. i think it alters the taste and creates a burn as it goes down your throat.
imagine my surprise and excitement when pepsi rolled out pepsi throwback. its the old formula with plain ole sugar! not all stores carried it, so it took me a little while to track it down, but when i did-YUMMY! it really threw me back to when i was a kid. it tasted exactly the same and no hfcs burn.
its only around for a limited time, so i am enjoying it while i can. i think they are doing mountain dew throwback too-i hate mountain dew, but i know many that are addicted to it so even those with questionable taste can enjoy the old school flavor.


  1. I too am a HFCS hater...thought the throwbacks were funny when I saw them as well. Loving your blog...glad I found you during my hopping tonight...

  2. thanks for hopping over here!
    hfcs is EVIL. i try not to hop on band wagons, but i have almost completely eliminated it from my diet and it has made a big difference. i hate those commercials FOR hfcs, like everyone who chooses not to eat it is a paranoid freak or something. sheesh!