Sunday, September 27, 2009

mr soldier of fortune(msof) the story continues

msof graduated high school and went directly into the military. his recruiter was at graduation and they left from there. I heard through the grapevine that he was looking for me when he came home on leave after basic training,but i was knee deep in tgws drama and did not make myself available to be found. fast forward a couple of years-it was summertime and i had graduated from high school,working for a portrait studio and loving it. it was the perfect hours for my night owl and dating habits. it was a slow day at the studio and i was sitting in the front lobby talking to the receptionist, watching people go by when i saw this guy walking across the parking lot towards our front door. he wasnt anyone i had photographed the week before so i knew he wasnt coming to view his proofs and he certainly wasnt dressed to have his picture taken,but something about the way he walked seemed familiar and as he made his way across the parking lot and he came more in focus i realized it was msof. i couldnt believe it-what was he doing here? how did he find me? why was my heart beating so fast and where did that silly grin come from? i had broken up with tgws the previous fall and was just beginning to get over the heartbreak. i had dated a little and there were two guys who wanted my sole attention, but i kept side stepping those discussions. technically free as a bird, but i had a full dance card. so he's standing there in front of me and we are smiling at each other and asking how the other is doing, etc. we spent a few minutes catching up and when i asked him how he knew how to find me he told a funny story about going to my house and talking to my dad(infamous for his anti social behavior)and getting my work address from him. a client came in to have their picture taken, so we said our good byes. i told him if he got bored, to give me a call and we would do something. just as i was closing the studio, my sister was calling me from home. she sounded irritated. the conversation went something like this: her: msof is here. he wants to know when you are coming home. me: did you tell him? her: no. me: let me talk to him. her: hold on. at this point i hear the door open and her say "here, she wants to talk to you" and then i hear the door slam. msof: whats her problem? me: i have no idea. whatcha doin? msof: waiting for you, are you going to be home anytime soon? me:(trying to control the excitement in my voice)just getting ready to walk out to the car. should be there in about 20 minutes(10 if i ignore all traffic laws between here and there, but i didnt say that to him of course). when i pulled up to the house, he was waiting there in his mom's burgendy 87 camaro i walked up to the car and he rolled the window down.
i just want to say that at this point, despite my broken heart from my relationship with tgws, i am pretty innocent and naive. i never would have admitted it back then, but the truth is that i was somewhat sheltered. i thought msof was the exact opposite of heavy metal-druggie tgws. conservative military guy who had a life plan. man was i wrong, but that will all unfold as i tell the story.

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