Saturday, September 12, 2009

the hiatus

i never really announced "the hiatus". it wasnt a snap decision, it really just evolved from my utter frustration and disbelief at the dating tactics of the average mormon guy. i frequently regret my decision to start dating at all, but my date last night did not add to that regret and i cannot even express my relief. it was totally spontaneous and we had a good time. nice dinner and lively conversation. lots of laughter. i know most women would rank "sense of humor" in the top 3 things they are looking for in a man, but i am serious(no pun intended)about it! i need someone who can make me laugh. they dont have to be a stand up comedian, but they have to be able to let loose and be funny and allow themselves to be entertained as well. i think i will probably go out with this guy again, but there is zero possibility for an exclusive relationship.


  1. Cool. Glad it worked out. Good dating experiences are a good thing, and they don't have to lead to more to still be a good thing.