Monday, September 21, 2009

invisible touch

i am sure i am not alone when i say that music can really throw you back in time. i was listening to pandora when this song came on. i gave it a thumbs up and then went to youtube to listen to it again. i love this song. never really cared for genesis until mr electrical engineer returned missionary(the 2nd of only 2 rm's i ever dated) included this song on one of the mixed tapes(it was the 80's! mixed tapes were COOL)he made for me. i am sure if really thought about it i could come up with other songs that were on some of those tapes, but this one sticks out. he made a point of telling me when he gave me the first tape that every song had a meaning and he didnt include anything without a purpose. he was 26 and i was 18 and i am sure some of his meaning was lost on me, but not this song. i drove him crazy, but he loved me. i wish i loved him back. he was good to me and would have been a good husband and father. why doesnt the heart obey? i will explain more about eerm in a future post. there was some pretty good stuff there.

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