Sunday, September 20, 2009

body language

i love to people watch. i think its particularly interesting to watch people during church. especially couples. its stake conference time, so i went to the adult session last night. i got there pretty early so i got to watch a lot of people. nothing too exciting, just your average stake conference where 75% of the congregation shows up according to mormon standard time .
an old friend showed up and sat next to me so we got to catch up and good naturedly mock old friends from our past, distracting me from my people watching for a little bit. the conference was good, but not fantastic,so i found my eyes wandering around until they found something interesting to settle on. just a few rows in front of me i see this woman practically sitting on the edge of her seat, with her arms folded, and looking supremely uncomfortable. i am wondering what is going on with her-is she in pain? need to run to the ladies room? then i notice that someone has their arm around her. a very nice forearm nicely dressed in a long sleeve, white shirt. he was gently rubbing her arm in a very nice way, but she was having none of it. normally when a guy you like(or love)is sitting next to you and he has his arm around you, you lean IN, not scoot your skinny little butt to the end of the chair. i watched this on and off for the rest of the adult session. she got up twice(where did she go, what did she do?)and left the chapel, only to return a few minutes later. the last time she came back, she had her arms crossed, rubbing her upper arms like she was cold. i tried to telepathically send her a message: "honey! the cute guy with the nice forearms next to you will keep you warm! thaw out a bit and lean into him." my powers are weak or she was blocking me. the message never got through. i saw them today at the regular session. 4 little kids sitting between them, him still looking at her like he is trying to get through and do whatever he can to make her happy and her still looking pretty irritated and unwilling to be pleased. sigh. who knows? maybe he is a big jerk and likes to make nice at church and she is sick of the facade. maybe being a young family with so many little kids is weighing heavy on them and they are doing the best they can. i just think she should lean in....


  1. I think she should lean in too. I also enjoy the art of people watching.

  2. some couples can only afford babysitters once a month...she's probably so annoyed with spending her only DATE NIGHT at conference.

  3. something i never considered! still, an attitude adjustment is in order. she was wasting a lot of energy leaning away and balancing on the edge of her seat.