Friday, September 11, 2009

breaking the hiatus

got asked out to dinner today. not sure if i want to break the hiatus,but i am letting him do the little asking out ritual.he's a nice guy and i am sure we would have fun, just dont know if i am willing to play nice for a whole evening.


  1. Thoughts? I don't know. I missed out on the reason for your hiatus, so I don't know if "I was asked out by a nice guy" is a good enough reason to break it. Don't remember if you looked at my dating rules or not, but those will probably have any thoughts I would have on the question.

    Breaking down the fourth wall to speak directly to the audience is very, very bad form. You should be ashamed. Very ashamed.

    And it's Blain. Blainn is my userid.

  2. yeah, I think you are guilty of lurking.

    Good luck on your date though: )

  3. thanks kelly! no more "lurking" for me!

  4. since mormons are well known for their unique spelling of names(my own name is spelled oddly), i didnt want to risk editing yours! havent looked at your dating rules, but i will check it out. thanks for the gentle(and not so)education for this neophyte blogger.

  5. Blain without an "e" is relatively unique (Dad was Glen with one "n", and he didn't like phonetically unnecessary letters in names). But, that makes sense.

    I was joking, btw. This is your space and you can do with it what you wish. Calling on people for response is fine with me. I'm actually a big fan of people asking for what they want -- I seem to recall Jesus was pretty big on it also.

    When my response seems blunt, that's probably serious. When it's over-the-top, it's probably not. It's a slightly acquired taste, and it confuses not a few people.

  6. blain, blain, blain- i wasnt confused! i got that you were joking-i was joking in return. i checked out your dating rules. pretty hard core, but i can say from my own experience, there might be something to them. thanks for your comments, i always enjoy seeing them.

  7. Okay. I think we've calibrated now. Dry on dry is good. This could work.

    And, yeah, I tend to the hard core. It's a lot easier when you're out of the market -- kinda like knowing how to raise kids when you haven't had any. We'll see how it goes when I'm back in the market next year. It's harder to sound cool when you're intimidated and nervous.

    You're welcome.