Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my weakness

what is it about blue collar guys? construction workers, mechanics, you name it and my heart just does little leaps. i am visiting family in another state and ended up at the local college today. basically a bunch of freshmen running around trying to find their way around, but then i noticed this MAN. i swear i have some sort of radar for this type of guy. he was probably in his mid to late 20's, about 5'11", brown hair cut short and a well groomed goatee. he was wearing those dark blue pants with the lighter blue shirt that has the oval patch with his name embroidered on it.he sat down in a chair and slid down in the most casual way, extending his leg out. he was wearing those black work boots that just look so GOOD. i have dated a few of the white collar, pencil pusher types, but my weakeness is the blue collar guy. i suppose freud would have a blast analyzing it, but i am not going to worry about it and just enjoy the view.

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