Monday, September 21, 2009

(not so)subtle hints

i am all about tying up loose ends.i dont like to leave things unsaid or undone. especially when ending a relationship; it just leaves doors ajar waiting to be opened. i want doors and windows shut tight. we are done. GO AWAY. so my 'friend' who used me for almost a month for advice and emotional support texts me yesterday. "are you dont being pissed off at me?" uh. no. oh sure, i will do the Christ-like thing and forgive him and move on. his friendship was in no way pivitol in my life and that is part of the reason i am mad that i involved myself in the way i did. it was stupid. the way he handled things was insulting and unkind. totally thoughtless.immature. yes, i am done being pissed off, i said everything that i needed to say, but i am also done being your friend.


  1. Break ups suck no matter what. I try to be Christ-like, as well, but it's hard. I'm practicing, though. I feel bad for all the girls I have to practice on. Not fun.

  2. The best response is silence at this point I think. Best of luck!