Sunday, September 20, 2009

single girl mascot

there is a couple in my ward who throws an awesome halloween party every year. i have seen the pictures and heard the stories and objectively, they are awesome parties. i get invited, but have never gone. there have been times i just didnt feel like being social and other times that i had scheduling conflicts. this year, when i got the evite something stood out to me that i never noticed before. i am the lone single person invited to this party. i am sure it was the same for previous years, but i never noticed or paid attention until now. it was weird scanning down the list of invitees and seeing couple after couple and standing out was my name. all by itself. i could go by myself and be fine. its not that. i know all these people and have fun with them. i could take a date, but that could seriously backfire on me. mormons like to match everyone up and marry them off as soon as possible and showing up with a date could make me fair game for that kind of craziness. i know the last time i brought a date to church was a nightmare. the questions. the goofy grins. everything short of a wink and a gentle elbow to the ribs. i hate that and being at a party removes all the propriety that being at church provides. mmmmmm what to do?


  1. go. but don't wear one of those slutty french maid costumes. jk

  2. you must have read my mind because i was thinking of that or a playboy bunny outfit! can you even imagine? how fast i got called into the bishops office would probably break some world speed record.