Monday, September 14, 2009

random shallowness

i hate when grown men wear short sleeve dress shirts. even in the summertime. mr ex man wore them and got so pissed off at me when i told him that i loved him despite the fact he wore the dreaded short sleeve white shirt. it was truly a joke. i was blinded by my love for him and didnt even care. not even a tiny bit. there is something about a long sleeve dress shirt neatly buttoned at the wrist or even better- rolled up to expose strong forearms. sigh. i even like the colored shirts that are so popular with some of the guys now. some would say not to even think about entering the chapel without a white shirt and tie, but not me. unless you are passing the sacrament or participating in some other ordinance and then the white shirt and tie are required!


  1. I'm with this, except for the strong forearms thing. I have the forearms of an accountant. I don't have or like short-sleeved dress shirts (although I do wear short-sleeved casual shirts in warm weather).

  2. I fully agree. Dress shirts rolled up is totally attractive.

  3. Completely agree. Good forearms are an amazing thing. And its quite hard not to have good forearms in rolled up sleeves - thats the beauty of them.