Saturday, September 26, 2009

date night

ok. so the same guy that asked me out 2 weeks ago is asking me out again tonight. he makes me laugh, i kind of want to go, but just wondering if i should. if i was one of those girls who subscribed to "the rules" i think i would be kicking him to the curb. he is even more casual than i am-planning dates at the last minute(lazy or spontaneous?)and just kind of hanging out and then going to get dinner. i hate to manufacture high maintenance behavior in myself just to make a guy jump through some hoops to see if he really finds me worth the trouble, but i also can fall into the category of making it too easy with my normal, casual attitude. its not low self esteem, its just me. for the most part i dont like to make a big deal out of too much and i certainly dont want a guy to make a big deal just because he thinks thats the only way to impress me. it should all come from sincere intention and if you are just a sloth who isnt going to follow through and do nice things once the hunt is over, dont pretend otherwise. just like i wont pretend that i spend every waking moment in high heels and full makeup.

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