Thursday, September 24, 2009

white noise

i have never regularly attended a singles ward. i went to an university ward one time with electrcial engineer rm(eerm),but i saw singles wards only as a way to "catch" a husband and since i was a serial monogamist, i was never without a boyfriend long enough to want to leave my family ward and immerse myself in a singles ward. i was 30 when i divorced mr soldier of fortune(msof)so i was thrown into a whole new category of lds singles. previously called "special interest" singles and now simply called "single adults"(as opposed to YOUNG single adults). subliminal message: "youre old and we have to keep you away from the kids". there arent too many of them, but in my area they actually have an over 30 singles ward and i let a friend talk me into going with him. i have to give a disclaimer. i have a testimony of the church and know this is a program developed by the church to address the needs of this ever growing population within our membership, but......its weird. just plain weird. i feel bad saying that. i feel horrendous guilt saying that, but i just have to let it out! it was totally weird. first of all, no one said a single word to us. not hi, not get the hell out, nothing. has that ever happened in the history of modern mormonism? we were worried we were going to be assulted as fresh meat(i mean we are both kind of cute, so you would think, right?),but no. the meeting it self was dry as a bone. the talks were unintersting, but the oddest thing was the silence. i had never realized the white noise that exists at the typical sacrament meeting in a family ward. cheerios dropping, babies slurping on bottles, high priests gently snoring, and a variety of other noises like babies crying and the rustle of diaper bags were completely absent. it was creepy. the silence was the weirdest thing of all.


  1. I can't believe no one said hello. That is odd. Maybe because they're a bit self centered? To be alone so long can do that to a person.

  2. no one from the bishopric was greeting people either. it was like a mormon twilight zone!