Monday, September 28, 2009

i'm converting

to catholicism and becoming a nun. seems so much easier than dealing with the random dating and having to explain over and over again why sex is not an option. my 3rd date with mr jack mormon(guy from saturday night, just thought of his code name)was really fun. heck, it would have to be since it lasted for 8 freakin hours. although i know that there will never be anything long term or exclusive between us, i would like to see him again and maybe have my first ever NCMO. this is the first time ever that i have had the experience of really enjoying being with a guy and knowing there will never be anything exclusive or permanent between us. its a real sense of freedom. i feel completely comfortable with him and dont feel any anxiety about the normal early dating stuff. but now he's being weird. why does he have to ruin it? we flirted a lot, but now he says i am sexually torturing him. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? we havent even kissed. he emailed me after our date and asked me if i wanted to snuggle. knowing that "snuggle" could be code for sex, i made sure to define terms and once we were clear, i let him know i would love a "snuggle"(his term, not mine). now i am torturing him? whatever.

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  1. Totally toruting him. But they're men, we are females, we're so allowed.