Wednesday, June 29, 2011

out of my mind

but not in the bad way. i have been traveling a little bit and been caught up in a few family things. nothing dramatic or bad at all. its been a good summer so far and i hope in continues.
i have been socializing in the lds singles scene a little more. i still tread lightly and keep my eyes wide open, but i have had some pleasant surprises.
there are at least 2 men that i know are interested in me and thats always nice. one i am mildly interested in and the other...less than mildly interested.
i know this is a boring and generic post, but i realized its been quite a while since i posted. i noticed my followers are back up so i want to do whatever song and dance i can do to keep them. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

read it!

amazingly funny, but true post from the mormon child bride. i really want to discuss this, so if you read it, please comment. i really think she put a fine point on so many things. i am certain a similar post could be made about the female equivalent of the md, but lets focus on one thing at a time. lol

Sunday, June 19, 2011

the definition of insanity

is doing the same thing and expecting different results.
sometimes i am INSANE.
working on it.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

ah-ha moment? maybe not.

i havent been posting about it too much, but i have kind of thrown myself into some single adult activities. by thrown in, i mean i have gone to a few dances and a ton of firesides, which is way up from the nothing i used to do.
i have met some people, had a few dates, but i kind of had an ah-ha moment while emailing back and forth a man i met at these activities.
the only lds guys that are marriage material, have a brain in their head, a sense of humor, and seem to operate on somewhat of an adult level, dont want to get married because they have been burned so bad by their previous relationships, their intelligence keeps them from getting too involved.
all the other guys-either never been married or just too clueless too care, are chomping at the bit to get married because they just want SOMEONE, they dont really care who it is. maybe they were the jerk who cause the disintegration of their relationship, but are too narcissistic to realize it, blaming it on their ex and just moving on to prey(strong word, i know)on someone else.
i know i say this about most stuff, but if find this realization very depressing. the odds just continue to be stacked against us normal(somewhat)girls.
the man i referred to earlier in this post, is reasonably attractive, nice, very funny, and smart. if he asked me out, i would go, but i dont think he ever will because i am not one of the goofy girls who hang out at the dances. he keeps it light. he attends for entertainment. i attend because its the last stone left unturned. unfortunately, under that stone is just a bunch of yucky worms.
so if online dating didnt work and now participating in single adult activities isnt working. what else is there?

Friday, June 17, 2011


for the first time since dick broke up with me, someone called me sexy. it was quite unexpected and it made me happy.
i want to tell the whole story, but not sure if its even remotely interesting. also, its from a guy i have mentioned before and i have to go and research the name i gave him because i cant remember it right now.

the natural man

as always the meaning of virtue guy (i am sure he might take issue with that name and i apologize, but right now i am too lazy to go and look at your actual name.)has shared with us another insightful excerpt of his upcoming book.
its smart, its truthful, well researched, and just plain good.
but... but... but... is...he....should i say it? over thinking it all too much? i get that sex is beautiful and good, created by Heavenly Father for a divine purpose, etc, but would it be wrong to just say you want to get married(to the "right" person of course)and have some FUN? of course i am using fun as a euphemism, but you get what i am saying, right?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

arghhhhhh-utter frustration

i want to write something about a man i met and went out with 2 times, who seems to be interested in me, but then doesnt, then....
the thing is, i think he is nice, but there is no spark. when he said there was no spark, it pissed me off.
how crazy is that?
there are more details that i want to tell you so you can give me your opinion,but i cant get it together to do it.
i have a whole other post half done, that doesnt make sense. i hate it.
i just really want some random opinions about men and how they act.
i am new to this casual dating thing. i dont like it.
i want someone to love me. not just be somewhat interested.
thats what he said "i have some interest in you. it just might not be the right time to date."
the thing that pisses me off about that is I WISH I HAD SAID IT FIRST! i just didnt want to be mean. i would have gone out with him if he asked me out again, but if he tried to get serious, i would have stopped it.
i feel really stupid and immature right now.