Monday, June 20, 2011

read it!

amazingly funny, but true post from the mormon child bride. i really want to discuss this, so if you read it, please comment. i really think she put a fine point on so many things. i am certain a similar post could be made about the female equivalent of the md, but lets focus on one thing at a time. lol


  1. my sister pointed this out to me. What kind of comments do you want?

  2. Haha!

    The only thing I disagree with from that post is that the MD is a "rare specimen." They're everywhere! Okay, maybe they're just the outspoken minority, but they've never seemed that rare to me.

    One thing she repeated was the fact that they fear strong women. Truly it's not just women, it's anyone who makes them feel insecure about themselves. But especially women because MD supposed to be inherently better than them.

    I don't mind, more for me!

  3. i just want to know what people think about this. i want to talk about it. she really put into words everything i was thinking about these guys, but could not organize my thoughts enough to write it.
    i dont think they are rare either. they are crawling all over the place.

  4. I think they suck up a lot of stage-time, and a lot of the air in the room. I don't know how to kick them off the stage, but suspect that the effort to see past them will be profitable. But, I think this is just a Mormon version of a wider phenomenon. Jerks (my preferred term) are a dime a dozen, and never seem to be lacking for dates. My understanding of why that is has always been incomplete.

  5. Okay, I've never watched this show, so I don't know anything about this guy.

    This will probably be inflammatory, but most of the guys I have met that are like this are transplants from the west who are here to attend the singles ward and go to dental school/sell alarm systems/etc. I think growing up in Utah increases your douche factor (says the girl who has always lived in the east). Really, I can't think of anyone I know from the singles ward who grew up in the east who fits this profile.

    I also agree with the commenter who said that the reason these people are allowed to exist are the douchettes who tolerate and accept this behavior. In my personal experience, whenever we would get a fresh herd of these cargo shorted douchebags selling pest control or whatever for the summer, there was sure to be a crowd of bleached blond nannies fawning behind them, baking them brownies and clinging to their every word.

    While I've definitely encountered these guys, they are easy enough to steer clear of and Mormons certainly haven't cornered the market on douchebags.

  6. i think that you are right, that the women/girls/females are part of the problem. why cant they see through the dm crap?
    i think utah is definitely part of the problem. or should i say source of the problem?
    it reminds me of some of the guys i grew up with-i wanted nothing to do with them and they either ignored me(fine my me)or treated me with hostility. the hostility did not go over well and i generally stood my ground and knocked the crap out of them(literally and figuratively).
    i have been asked before why i did not date lds guys(until after my divorce)and now i know why. they were all mds!
    we need smart women to see beyond the popped collars and look for worth men who have a real personality.
    i am still somewhat stumped at what to say. i might be overreacting, but i think this is quite a discovery and i hope the light shed on it will somehow change things. of course they all wont go away, but maybe we can thin the herd so to speak.
    what is up with mormons and the get rich quick schemes? pest control, alarm system, insurance. what is it?

  7. Wow. That was a spot-on caricature of JJWT from that dear departed blog "Seriously, So Blessed!" I was around many guys who had elements of that "type" during my Provo years.

    I do object to Stephanie's phrasing when she says that the MD doesn't like to compete at home. I don't like to compete at home, either! (Except when it's just a game.) Equal partners don't necessarily compete merely because they're equal; they just have intelligent conversations and opportunities to learn things from each other. The MD's problem isn't wanting to avoid competition in the home; his problem is thinking that equality equals competition.

  8. I should hasten to add that while I know many who have elements of the MD "type", the majority were nothing like that. And those who were something like that were still real people with all the variation that entails. But the stereotype still resonates, and Stephanie has aptly described it.

  9. she sure did. i wish i could have read all the snotty comments she got. i guess she got some real haters, but the comments were deleted.