Wednesday, June 29, 2011

out of my mind

but not in the bad way. i have been traveling a little bit and been caught up in a few family things. nothing dramatic or bad at all. its been a good summer so far and i hope in continues.
i have been socializing in the lds singles scene a little more. i still tread lightly and keep my eyes wide open, but i have had some pleasant surprises.
there are at least 2 men that i know are interested in me and thats always nice. one i am mildly interested in and the other...less than mildly interested.
i know this is a boring and generic post, but i realized its been quite a while since i posted. i noticed my followers are back up so i want to do whatever song and dance i can do to keep them. :)


  1. Can you tap dance?

  2. i cannot. is that what it going to take to keep you, blain? smc