Wednesday, June 1, 2011

arghhhhhh-utter frustration

i want to write something about a man i met and went out with 2 times, who seems to be interested in me, but then doesnt, then....
the thing is, i think he is nice, but there is no spark. when he said there was no spark, it pissed me off.
how crazy is that?
there are more details that i want to tell you so you can give me your opinion,but i cant get it together to do it.
i have a whole other post half done, that doesnt make sense. i hate it.
i just really want some random opinions about men and how they act.
i am new to this casual dating thing. i dont like it.
i want someone to love me. not just be somewhat interested.
thats what he said "i have some interest in you. it just might not be the right time to date."
the thing that pisses me off about that is I WISH I HAD SAID IT FIRST! i just didnt want to be mean. i would have gone out with him if he asked me out again, but if he tried to get serious, i would have stopped it.
i feel really stupid and immature right now.


  1. This is the point in conversations like this with my daughter that I smile big, and pat her gently on the top of the head (which doesn't mess with whatever she's done to her hair). Because she's being cute.

    Isn't it frustrating when knowing that you're being unreasonable gives you no power to be reasonable? I hate that.

  2. are you saying my unreasonableness is cute? i certainly dont feel cute. its better today, which i am glad for.

  3.'s ridiculous and unreasonable, but I think I know the feeling. It might be something like this:
    When I was single, when I liked a guy who was more popular and attractive than I was, his not showing much interest in me was no surprise.

    But when there were times I was interested in someone who I thought of as less popular and attractive than I, even (especially?) if I merely liked him enough to think, "if he asked me on a date I'd say yes, because I wouldn't mind getting to know him better." Then he'd show interest in me for a while, and then he wouldn't anymore. Perhaps he'd date some other girl. And I'd be miffed, thinking, "What, am I not good enough for you?" And my annoyance exceeded my former attraction.

    I think it was my pride. I thought that since I considered myself his social equal or superior, then he ought to have known how lucky he was that I took some measure of interest in him. And that if either of us rejected the other, it'd be me rejecting him. Silly pride.

  4. are you reading my mind?! i am ashamed to admit it, but yes! lol

  5. I have had those moments! I'll be completely done with a guy but the second he's done with me the hackles go up and my pride is screaming "Why don't you want me??" That's what I hate most about casual dating: there's no constant assurance that yes, he thinks I'm fabulous and will call me tomorrow.