Monday, May 30, 2011

so high school

i am hip deep in the dumbest drama ever. mr jack mormon has drug 2 other women into a private conversation where i now have to defend myself and go on the offensive for damage control. i wish i could divulge all the details or at least have my wits about me enough to tell the story and protect the innocent. i am seriously worried about him spreading lies and rumors about me because he is angry about an absolute truth i told to a mutual friend. he then followed up with a big fat lie about us. i have always had a pretty solid "reputation", but i feel worried about him damaging it with lies. no one of importance would believe it, but i hate that i am even worrying about it. i should have never talked to him again, but i felt bad. he was trying so hard and i didnt think i should ignore him anymore. so dumb of me.


  1. I didn't know Jack was connected enough to your social circle to damage your rep by talking about you. I hate to call anyone a jerk, but...what a jerk. I really hope the people who matter are wise enough to believe you rather than him.

    Though I don't know all the details, I hope you can get out of this mess and burn all bridges to Jack. He may recover from his jerkitude sooner or later, but let it be in your absence.

  2. he really isnt, but there are common church and old high school people via facebook. i need to write a better post that explains it more thoroughly. things have calmed down. i have talked to the people involved and it is all a-ok