Tuesday, May 10, 2011

drunk dialing

or something like unto it...
i have really been fighting the urge to call mr ex man. i am not exactly sure why, but it comes to me almost daily. i hate it. calling him would be of zero value. why do we do such things to ourselves? i havent done it and i really dont think i will, but i thought i would just put it out there to you guys. who had done the "drunk dialing"? i am sure you realize that i dont drink(being the good mormon girl that i am)so i am not literally getting drunk and then thinking of calling mr ex man.
so.......have you done it? drunk dial, that is. i dont want to know about your sex life. not now anyway.


  1. um all of the time. Or text or e-mail. And I always regret it.

  2. the few times i have done it in the past, i have always regretted it. sigh.