Tuesday, May 3, 2011

not 1, but 2

dates. yep. i have been on the bench for a few months now, but quite unexpectedly i have 2 dates with one guy. not sure how i feel about it. i mean, i KNOW i need to get out and move on, but...i really dont want to. i want dick back. he is gone and i have to live my life. do i have to like it?
i havent cried in a while, but i cried today. not for a long time and i did not descend into the ugly cry, but i did cry. i miss dick a lot.
so.....moving on. i met this guy via a facebook friend. there is no pretense that this is "IT". its a date. he thinks i am pretty and we had a nice time talking. he seems "real" and has learned a lot through his divorce.
so i am doing it. i am off the bench, but not completely in the game. counts for something, doesnt it?


  1. thanks. i needed the validation! i hate feeling so blah about a date. doesnt seem fair.

  2. Please be cautious about posting sentences like "i miss dick a lot."