Friday, June 17, 2011

the natural man

as always the meaning of virtue guy (i am sure he might take issue with that name and i apologize, but right now i am too lazy to go and look at your actual name.)has shared with us another insightful excerpt of his upcoming book.
its smart, its truthful, well researched, and just plain good.
but... but... but... is...he....should i say it? over thinking it all too much? i get that sex is beautiful and good, created by Heavenly Father for a divine purpose, etc, but would it be wrong to just say you want to get married(to the "right" person of course)and have some FUN? of course i am using fun as a euphemism, but you get what i am saying, right?


  1. Who me? Overanalyze? Inconceivable!

    One of the things about the Church that I most love, is how the sacred and the mundane mix and are intermixed. We shouted for joy to come to earth... What a mundane place! But there is something sacred in that very earthy simplicity. There is something wonderful in late-night tickle fights with kids, playing video games with them and losing (all too often)or just playing in the pool.

    There is something transcendent in the simple things we are asked to do, and fun as well. Transcendence isn't all just visions and revelations.

  2. I can agree with you. As I read the post I kept thinking to myself, "Really?! Really?!"

    Now I definitely don't think on such spiritual levels but there are two primary motivating instincts that every creature on the planet(including us) have, 1. Self-preservation; 2. Reproduction.

    I do like that he says that sex and intimacy should go hand-in-hand, I think humans, as "transcendent" things have been able to move past sex strictly as a means of reproduction(although I've heard some differing perspective from people in the church...).

    But I think the fact that we try to hold off with sex until we're married is already an example we've "transcended" the "natural man" a little bit already.

    I'm with you though. Personally I think if you don't lust after your spouse, or future spouse, even a little bit, there may be a problem in your future.