Tuesday, July 5, 2011

stupid, dumb, and ugly

this is what a happily(really, she is)married friend of mine says when she is frustrated with her super cool(seriously, he is)husband OR when i tell her a story about my dating life.
she is talking about boys of course.
i think its a funny saying, but i have always been a lover of boys. i like boys. even before the hormones kicked in, i had friends of the opposite sex. i dont think they are stupid, dumb, or ugly. in many ways, they are more direct and easier to deal with. when i have been asked why i hang around with guys(distant past, not so much anymore)i always joked that i liked the confidence in knowing that the guys i hang around enjoy my company; if they didnt, they wouldnt hang around, whereas girls will be sweet to your face and then stab you in the back without blinking an eye.
nothing too exciting to report on the romantic front.
mr motorcycle man up and moved quite suddenly a week or so ago. i got to see him one last time, say good bye and give him a hug. i was going to offer a ncmo to send him on his way, but i thought better of it. i dont think he is the guy i would like to have my 1st ncmo with. i also thought that i should reign things in when he jokingly asked if i would move(about 2 thousand miles away)with him. i went along with it, asking how many girls he asked before me, but he didnt seem to be kidding when he said "just you."
ok-maybe guys are stupid, dumb, and ugly. this is the guy that a month ago said he felt no spark(i agreed with him)and didnt think we should date anymore(fine by me, just wish i said it first.). sheesh. i think i just got derailed in my own post. never a good thing.
i am going to stop typing now.


  1. Ever stop to think, and then ....

    I've certainly had my SDU moments/years/whatever.

  2. I just have a hard time believing that girls honestly believe guys are stupid, dumb and ugly. For one, stupid and dumb are synonymous. But more importantly, I think that attitude just reinforces the divide in communications between guys and girls. Girls have got to stop thinking that guys can just read their minds. Clearly mr motorcycle man had a moment of impulse when he suggested you move away with him. I don't think he was kidding. Yeah, he is not exactly showing emotional stability but at least he was saying exactly what was on his mind.

  3. they dont. ok, some probably do, but i dont and the friend that originated the phrase "stupid, dumb and ugly" doesnt. actually, i think she picked it up because she heard some little girl say it and she thought it was hilarious.
    i am glad motorcycle man said it. its kind of flattering and i dont think he was kidding either,but we are definitely not a love connection.