Tuesday, July 19, 2011


i have definitely entered the friend zone with mr nice guy and it looks like i might be there with mr ex man.
mr ex man is iffy because he says he still loves me, but the context of the statement is somewhat shaky.
anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows that i am not a fan of the "lets be friends" thing, but i feel like i was somewhat inspired when it comes to mr nice guy. i couldnt be more pleased with our easy going conversation and how it all turned out. i can tell he was happy too. i let him off the hook for a lot of stuff and he accepted an apology from me in the most gracious and gentlemanly way.
mr ex man tried to use the lets be friends line a long time ago, but i immediately rejected it because he was using it to by time. his reasons and excuses were beyond lame. i am slightly concerned that he might try to use this as a way to squirm back into my life, but i am on full alert.
i think things will be good with mr nice guy.
i feel like i have grown as a person. :)


  1. Are we talking friends-with-potential, or "I love you like a brother"?

  2. he says he loves me loves me. like wants to be with me, but i have been clear i am not on the same page. there is no potential for me at all.

  3. For Mr. New Guy, or Ex-man? I was asking about New Guy. I'm figuring Ex-man is history unless something major major happens.

  4. Wait. This isn't New Guy. This is Nice Guy. Nemmind. Sometimes I can't read.

  5. i mentioned both in the post. ex man is history, but he is trying to be my future again. he is getting nowhere, the only difference is that we are doing it on much friendlier terms. :) foreign territory for me.