Sunday, July 24, 2011

soooo.....i was right

i was in trouble. can i explain to you how i hate being stupid? not that i am always stupid, but i have my tendencies and they usually have something to do with men.
the friend thing is working out ok with mr nice guy. not so much with mr ex man. why am i surprised? I DONT FREAKIN KNOW!!!!!
i swear it started out fine. i was lulled into a brief sense of complacency and then KA-POW!! he blind sides me.
it got ugly super fast. he is now "enlightened" and "free" since he has denounced the church. of course i should free myself and join him. live with him without the shackles of traditional marriage or organized religion.
i swear i tried to reason with him. no, not to convince him to change his ways, just to explain how we dont work. i was hoping he could understand and we could continue on with our "friendship". nope.
he turned on me so fast that i cant even believe it.
why cant we all just be relatively normal?


  1. I hate being right.

  2. are you commiserating with me or saying "i told you so"?

  3. Commiserating. It doesn't sound like you like being right about this any more than I am when I successfully predict what people are going to do.

  4. i dont. i was trying something completely outside my comfort zone. should have stuck with my original thoughts on it.