Wednesday, July 13, 2011

testing the waters

there is a new guy. maybe. i think he is testing the waters to see if i would be receptive to him asking me out. its fairly apparent that he likes me as a human. he has sat next to me at different activities(yes, THOSE activities)and even invited me to a few. i think he attended one activity solely because i said i was going. i am not sure. i hate making those declarations because it sound so flippin conceited-which i am not.
there are some major aspects of mr new guy that remind me of mr ex man. i have been examining myself and my motives to be sure that its mr new guy that i am interested in and not recreating and making right what went wrong with mr ex man.
so mr nice guy has been married and divorced 3 times. i have picked up different parts of the story as he has told them to other people. i refuse to ask him any details(yet),but today he offered some of the details without me asking.
he is funny(i love the funny guys)and nice. i have noticed that he is kind in different situations where others would not be. there have been a few times where i know the most patient and Christ-like person who have been rude, he was not. i noticed and was impressed. not that he is a door mat or wishy washy. definitely not that at all. i have seen him call a few people out on their crap. i just like him. even if we never went out, i would like to be friends with him. thats rare for me.
the last time he sat next to me, i fell effortlessly into a casual flirting mode that he seemed to enjoy. i know i did.
more on him later.


  1. Oooh this sounds promising. One major benefit of this guy is that you know he isn't shy about progressing towards marriage (since he has already done so THREE FREAKING TIMES). Best of luck.

  2. thanks for your support. :/