Friday, September 18, 2009

lloyd and jim

i love lloyd and jim. i'd take either one of them in a heart beat.
in many ways lloyd dobler from say anything and jim halpert from the office are the same guy. kind and thoughtful men who would do anything for the girl they loved. all man, but not macho. my long love affair with john cusack began with say anything and continues to this day. i have seen him in interviews and he certainly comes across as a genuine and funny guy, but i would never want to meet him in person and risk the image being shattered. jim loved pam for years before they got together. he was her friend and made her laugh every single day. i chatted with someone from one of the lds dating sites who said he was looking for his "pam". my question was: are you a "jim"? i think what brought out some of the best in pam was how jim saw who she truly was, how wonderful she was, and only wanted the best for her. now they are having a baby and getting married. i am sure lloyd and diane are still in london living an amazing life. maybe we could get cameron crowe(another nice and nerdy guy who got the cool chick in the end. in real life,no less!)to do a sequel and show them in their middle age. i think they would still be happy, still in love, and making it all work. i like happy endings. working on my own.

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