Thursday, March 10, 2011

unexpected compliments

in an odd series of random events i spoke with tgws little brother today. i love this kid. well, he isnt a kid anymore, hes almost 40, but he will always be a kid to me. we were mainly talking about current things-their mom has recently and unexpectedly passed away-but some things of the past came up and in the course of this discussion little brother told me that after tgws and i broke up, he wanted nothing to do with any of his subsequent relationships. if it hadnt worked with me, he didnt want anything to do with tgws new hoochie girlfriends. it made me smile. i have mentioned how i sometimes feel invisible. sometimes to the point where i think i could disapper and the world would not be any less, but then i hear something like that and i realize that i have positively impacted people my whole life. i needed that today. :)

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