Monday, March 28, 2011

crawl in a hole

and die. seriously. its what i want to do. so much stress, so much out of my control. things i wish i could do, but out of my reach. literally. this isnt a "think positive and go get em!" moment. serious stuff with serious consequences that affects someone that i love so much.
we arent supposed to be afraid, right? i am. i am trying not to be, but i am. praying a lot and trying to figure out what can be done to protect them from devastation.
i hate to even talk about it here, but i just cant sit on it. i have to vent. i hate being scared. i hate being weak. i hate being unable to create the change i want to.
can someone please rescue me?


  1. Certainly. Gimme a sec to put on my shining armor and hop on the horse and I'll be right there.

  2. Is this a temporal sort of thing--like this person needs money, or a lawyer? Or is this a spiritual thing--where they need to work it out on their own, and you're watching them suffer??

  3. thanks blain :)
    temporal, but so very serious. affecting them emotionally and spiritually.

  4. Dear noyb:

    Things are going to be fine. I know you are stressed for your friend but I guarantee that things will calm down and you will start feeling much better. You need rescuing? You and I still need to meet up so I can wax your legs!

    Love Tripp

  5. leg waxing in NOT a rescue!! :P
    but that can be your excuse if you would like.
    love, noyb