Friday, March 11, 2011

i guess i was wrong

i am not invisible nor am i forgettable. mr ex man just called. i had the phone on silent, so i didnt hear it and was shocked when i saw the missed call. an hour or so later he text'd me a belated happy birthday and sent a few old memories my way. originally met right before my birthday and he sent me a lovely gift that year. nothing since, but the first year was nice.
the universe is screwing with me. i really, really, really thought i would never hear from him again. here he is.
i didnt answer and i wont text back. there was a time that the temptation would just be too great,but not now. the temptation is there, but its very minor. takes hardly any will power at all not to call/text him back.
WHY?!?!?!?! why do they do it? is i the guys? is it me?
i want dick to call, text, and come over.


  1. You always hear that lame quote: Boys are stupid, date a man.

    Well guess what... men are stupid to. They are so ridiculous, frustrating and utterly confusing!

    At least you don't want to get back with him too much....

    Stay strong! :P

  2. thanks. a year ago, i would have been calling him right back and the whole cycle would just start over. not this time. i just cant do it. nice to be remembered, just wish it was dick.

  3. It is totally the guys, not you. Boys are ridiculous when it comes to neediness and they just want attention sometimes. Good job on not contacting him back!

  4. Have you heard from Dick yet? Can't you just swallow your pride and call Dick?