Friday, March 18, 2011

odd fact about me

sometimes i will watch televangelists on tv. right now i kind of like joel osteen. sure, he has got that goofy grin and kind of looks like a little leprechaun, but i think his preaching is pretty solid.
my dad used to watch billy graham and i think this is where it all started. i dont like guys like jimmy swaggart or jim baker, but i think joel has a pretty good message.
today i caught the last few minutes of his sermon where he was talking about a couple of guys getting caught 10 miles out in the ocean, the fog rolled in and the sun set and how to get back to shore they had to go against every instinct and every voice in their head telling them to go a different way. the going was very slow and very scary, but they made it to shore safe and sound.
of course this applies to all of us in our life and the trials we encounter, but i cant help but draw a parallel with my situation with dick. i am certainly am in the thickest fog ever, but i am trying to keep the boat moving towards the shore. i think its the shore anyway. faith & perseverance, right?


  1. I haven't watched him much, but I have an okay impression of him. I watched the Joyce lady a few times and she seems to be pretty good also.

    Patience is a good thing.

  2. isnt she the older woman with the beehive-type hairdo? if its who i am thinking of, she is a bit much for me.
    patience is good, but so hard to get. ;)

  3. Might be a little beehive-ish. Don't recall. She might be a bit much for me -- I don't have cable again, and didn't watch them much when I did.

    The only way to get patience is to not get what you want when you want it. Hard to do, but not hard to come by.