Friday, December 4, 2009

freeway makeovers

the one sentence post over at seriously so blessed got me to thinking about a period of time when one of my best friends was dating tgws's roommate so we would drive over to their house together. we both had worked all day,so we brought clothes to change into and our makeup bags to touch up our faces to look our absolute hottest. or in 80's speak "finest". the drive between where we worked and their super cool(they had a hot tub)bachelor pad was about twenty minutes. mainly by freeway, but being the young and invincible hotties we were, we managed to do full wardrobe changes and complete makeup while driving a minimum of 75mph down a busy freeway. i have vivid memories of shimmying off high heels and nylons from work and pulling on 501's and flats as we sped down the highway. we would toss mascara and lip gloss back and forth to each other, primping and painting as the street lights sped by. seriously, it is a MIRACLE that we never got in a wreck or at the very least pulled over for speeding and unlawful makeovers while operating a motor vehicle. the things we do for love. not to mention vanity. that friend and tgws's roommate have been married for over twenty years now. see? sometimes it works.

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