Tuesday, December 1, 2009

facebook strikes again

so if life isnt weird enough right now, i get friended by a very old friend that "broke up" with me about five years ago. it was a crazy scene. i was very good friends with her and her older sister. her sister kind of freaked out and started accusing me of random and bizarre things that were so obviously false, but the friend and her entire family were in such a co dependent mode with the older sister that they chose not to call her on her bs and i simply withdrew. there have been a few recent lame attempts to reach out, but the facebook friending is the first real attempt. i was wary. still am. i mean, how do you deal with this? pretend like it never happened? take the bull by the horns and say "WTF?!" i accepted her friend request and she immediately emailed me a lovely note catching me up on her life and asking me about mine and my family's. i wrote back a pretty generic letter. friendly, but not all together forthcoming. she really wasnt the evil one(her older sister was)but she let it all happen without saying anything. i guess that isnt a fair statement. i dont know everything she said,but i do know that we were no longer friends and it was over lies and ridiculous childish behavior from her camp. so high school. i hate it. also, my life is somewhat in chaos while hers(as she reports)seems to be in lovely order. sigh. i was nice, wrote back. we will see what happens.

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  1. You can't always believe those shiny happy reports. Christmas cards tend to lie too...