Saturday, December 19, 2009

sexy or gay?

i was watching the saturday night live Christmas special and they were showing a skit with steve martin where he is sitting in a big arm chair with his legs crossed at the knee. i started to wonder why steve martin(not repulsive by any means, but no real attraction either)manages to look attractive and manly with his legs crossed like a woman? the gay kid from glee always sits with his legs crossed at the knee and he just looks like your every day twinkle toes , emitting no masculine sexuality at all. trying to go over my dance card and remember if any of the guys i have dated(or been married to)ever sat in such repose. definitely not msof. no way. not tgws-i think i can actually remember him and his friends doing their gay guy impressions and crossing their legs in an exaggerated manner and making their wrists go limp-and speaking with a lisp. why do so many gay impressions include a lisp? i know quite a few gay guys and none of them have a lisp. weird. anyway, back to what i was droning on about. why do some guys look totally sexy with their legs crossed and others just look gay?