Saturday, December 5, 2009

my favorite Christmas song

a small effort to balance out my scrooge attitude from a few days ago. i am not a judy garland fan, but i love her version of this song. i also love "meet me in st. louis", it brings back a lot of fond memories of my dad. researching recipes for Christmas treats and posting this song....maybe the grinch didnt bite me in the ass after all.


  1. This is the only version of the lyrics of this song I will listen to anymore. I like the tone that "This year stinks, but next year, everything will be good, so let's make the best we can of what we have," which the cheerier version loses.

  2. i think its martina mcbride who sings a more current version that is pretty true to this original. i generally dont like covers or remakes. kind of old fashioned that way. missed you blain(n) :)

  3. I enjoy the wide variety of versions of Christmas songs. For singing, I prefer singing traditional carols to show tunes like this -- they're more designed for performance than participation -- but I don't mind people performing them in a variety of styles. I even like Christmas novelty music (Bob & Doug McKenzie's version of the 12 Days of Christmas is my favorite).

    I'm okay with covers that I see as respectful to the original, and not with the ones that I don't. My own quirky old fashionedness.

    And I'm Blain. I respond when I've got something to say. My wordiness will show up from time to time.

  4. i dont like the majority of the kitchy Christmas songs ie: grandma got ran over by a reindeer, etc, but i do get a kick out of the mckenzie bro's song you mentioned. strange brew was on tv a week or two ago(never saw it as a kid)and i could not sit through it. it was just too stupid.
    i totally get quirky old fashioned-ness. mine flared up when my family wanted to do thanksgiving buffet style. :)
    blain! i know who you are. the "n" in parenthesis was a wink and a nudge to your very first chastisement when assumed your name was spelled with two n's. it has been a while since you have found any of my posts worth commenting on, just letting you know i noticed(another wink and a nudge).

  5. Hey, the first time wasn't a chastisement -- it was letting you know. This time was chastisement. Just having a slightly grouchy spell right now, and it gets very old when folks spell your name wrong all the time, even when it's right there in front of them (which isn't you, but happens all the time).

    I like Christmas novelty music, but not all of it. Humor is a lot harder than it looks, and there's a fine line between great humor and godawful. I like Madonna's "Santa Baby" better than Eartha Kitt's (but I like Eartha better). Can't quite put my finger on what makes the difference for me. I watched Strange Brew once, but, yeah. Stupid humor has to be done in a smart way, or it runs out of steam and becomes tired.

    And it's not that they're worthy of comment or not. It's whether I have anything to say about them that's worth the time it takes to say it.